Foam dielectric cable

Foam dielectric cables designed to meet application requirements for cellular and personal communications, land mobile radio, earth station antenna
jumpers, equipment room and antenna jumpers, CATV, HF communications, VLF, military data links, AM and FM broadcast, terrestrial microwave, and CCTV.


Sizes: 1/4in - 2 1/4in

Frequency Band: 1MHz-18GHz

Types: Superflexible/ High Temperature/  Fire Retardant / Corrugated Copper/ Smoothwall Aluminum

Smoothwall Aluminum

HELIAX FXL is Andrew’s high-performing, lower-cost transmission line solution, which generally surpasses the electrical performance of leading copper cables.

The solid triple-bonded construction of HELIAX FXL adds crush and tensile strength that far exceeds corrugated cables.

Andrew® smoothwall aluminum cable provides maximum RF coverage due to better return loss and attenuation that surpasses or equals leading copper cables.

Lighter weight than all-copper cables, HELIAX FXL can help reduce tower loading and freight costs.

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SureFlex™ Premium Cable Assemblies

• Low Passive Intermodulation (PIM), VSWR, DTF
• Completely weatherproof (mated/unmated)
• 100% factory tested
• Rapid response designs

Premium Performance Guaranteed


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HELIAX® is the Andrew brand name that stands for the most complete, cost-effective, high performance coaxial cable systems in the world. For more than 60 years, Andrew Corporation has led the industry in meeting the need for semi flexible RF transmission line. Andrew HELIAX products offer a full line of best-in-class products for antenna-to-base-station-radio solutions for 50 & 75ohm systems.

The HELIAX® group includes a Large variety of cables, starting at 1/4" and up to 2 1/4".
For wireless RF systems and cables connectors,, assemblies and accessories for terrestrial microwave, broadcast transmission line, and other RF subsystem applications.

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