WiFi Israports

Designed and installed by RFcell, a full turnkey 2.4 GHz Coverage system to the Israeli Haifa see port. This system allows the cranes and the forklift to get on-line instructions from the command center.    

The project Challenges:

  • Extreme climatic and environmental – high wind and Areas Prone to Corrosion.
  • Dynamic working area with dense traffic.
  • System flexibility- the ability to extend the coverage areas.
  • 100% availability.
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As part of our ‘One Stop Shop’ concept,
RFcell offers Cost Effective ‘End to End’ services to our customers

  • Installations and Site tests
  • Site operation, verification and test for performance ( PIM, VSWR)
  • Full site design including tower (various tower designs)
  • MW and base station Antennas installation
  • Base station & MW equipment installation
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Projects products: