Radiating Cable- the signal “leaks” or couples out of the cable through slots milled in the outer jacket.

Radiating coaxial cables solve wireless communication problems in confined areas such as: in tunnels, mines, buildings, alongside tracks or lines and in large complexes like exhibition grounds or airports, by functioning as a continuous distributed antenna


 Sizes: 1/2in - 1 5/8in

Frequency Band: 1MHz-18GHz

Types:  Fire Retardant

Radiating Cable VS Antenna

Radiating Cable VS Antenna

Transmission line

Everything you need in order to connect your Radio with the Antenna.
Wide range of solution that makes sure, you will not lose dB's along the way…

High performance cables, waveguides, connectors and components supporting freq range up to 40GHz.

Cables: Air dielectric, Foam Dielectric, Braided, Radiating,
Waveguide: Elliptical, Rectangular, Components, Dehydrators
Options: Mil Standard, Super flex, High freq, Low VSWR, Phase match….


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