Grounding kits divert transient currents from lightning off the transmission line to an earth grounding system to prevent damage to cable and radio equipment.
A well designed system uses grounding kits to provide a bond between the cable and the tower/earth ground system.
RFcell provide grounding solution for Cable , WG and systems for commercial and military applications (passed United States Air Force lightning simulation tests and meet MIL-STD-188-124A. ) It is recommended to place one grounding kit is at tower top, tower bottom, at 200 ft (60 m) intervals (where applicable), and at the entrance to the equipment shelter.


After you’ve selected the cable and connectors for your system, it's important to choose the best mounting and protection products.

RFcell offers a comprehensive line of  Andrew installation accessories and lightning protection systems to help you realize your communications system’s full potential.


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