Duplexer, Diplexer & Multiplexer

Capability and Feature

  • High performance with minimum loss
  • Stable and controllable silver plating
  • Semi-auto tuning program
  • Efficient loop-back skill
  • Low Insertion Loss
  • Excellent Temp. Stability
  • High Power Capability
  • Multiband is available
  • Custom Design
  • Advanced die-casting technology

Frequency Range: Up to 96GHz

Ultra-Wideband Solutions for LTE

Streamline your LTE implementation and be ready for new bands

Overcrowded and complicated macro sites pose several challenges for any network modernization strategy. And to make matters worse, there is no clear path to what spectrum will be released in the future, or when – or if you'll even win it.

What if you could simplify the complexities at the top of the tower, ensure consistent performance assurance, and be ready for future spectrum?

 Andrew UltraBand™ integrates multiport technology with ultra-wideband performance to provide solutions tailored to simplify RF connectivity. Now you can minimize your antenna count to potentially only one antenna per sector and enable sharing tower top equipment, while maximizing capacity and performance.

UltraBand™ — the smart, forward-thinking network modernization solution.

Ultra-Wideband Solutions for LTE

Multiband Combiner Products

CommScope offers multiband combiner products that enable antenna and feeder sharing by combining multiple frequency bands to a common RF path. Available in a variety of configurations, our crossband couplers (CBCs) and multiplexer products integrate signals from wireless systems that operate in DCS, PCS, AWS and many other bands, and support all technologies, such as UMTS, WiMAX and LTE.

Our Andrew® CBCs, quadplexers, triplexers and diplexers provide extremely low insertion loss, high isolation, and high power handling capability in a compact, rugged, weatherproof housing. Sealing gaskets provide protection from moisture ingress at all interfaces.

Multiband Combiner Products

Passive Components

The passive components have a major importance in any RF & MW design.

• Filters and diplexers allow us to have clean and non-interfered signals and to separate signals between antenna and radio.
• Power dividers/combiners split a signal among several signal paths and vice versa.
• Couplers take a sample of the signal in order to monitor it.
• Circulators & Isolators are used to separate signals between receiver and transmitter.

Our range of passive components promises you High performance, High Quality, with minimum loss.


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