28MHz-960MHz antennas

Our antennas offer unparalleled performance for civil and military ground to air applications, covering broad frequency ranges and offering antennas ideally suited for use in all environments and weather conditions. Commonly in use by military organizations worldwide.


Frequency Range: 28MHz- 1200MHz

  •  Yagi - Light/Standard duty, Shrouded, Crossed / Circular Yagi Antennas
  •  XPol & VPol - standard/ Broadband Panel antennas
  •  Glassfibre End Fed Dipole / Colinear Antennas - Light/Standard duty, Broadband  ground-air /DAB high power dipole antennas
  •  Centre fed / folded dipole antennas - Heavy/Standard duty
  •  Stacked dipoles / dipole arrays - Two to Eight element stacked dipole array




RFcell offers wide range of antennas.


If you are looking for antennas - you are in the right place!

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