Flex WaveGuide

Flexible Waveguide is used in a wide variety of military and commercial applications. It is designed to isolate vibration,
to eliminate installation difficulties caused by misalignment, and to provide a simple aid to positioning and alignment of parabolic reflectors in line of sight microwave radio links.


Sizes: 30cm - 1.2m

Frequency Band: 3.3GHz-40GHz

Types: Standard/ Low VSWR

Andrew Flex WaveGuide brochure


We offers a complete range of HELIAX elliptical, rigid rectangular and rigid circular waveguides for use in
terrestrial microwave and earth station antenna systems.
Elliptical Waveguide is the recommended feeder for most microwave antenna systems in the 3.4 to 26.5
GHz frequency range. Long, continuous, flexible lengths result in easier and less costly system planning and installation compared with rigid waveguides.
Rectangular Waveguide Components such as elbows, twists, pressure windows, and flex-twists are used in elliptical and circular waveguide systems for connections with the antenna and radio equipment. Rectangular waveguide also may be used for short feeder systems where space is limited. A full range of components for bands in the 3.4 - 40 GHz frequency range is offered.
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